Orthotics (also known as foot orthoses or orthotic insoles) are special shoe or heel inserts that can help with foot, leg or back problems.

They often come in the form of a splint, support or brace. They can help to correct problems with walking or running by altering how your foot hits the ground.

There are several types of orthoses – soft, rigid, and semi-rigid. They might be something simple, such as a pressure-relieving device, or something to raise your heel. Or they might be a more complex and functional type of foot orthoses.

Unlike over-the-counter insoles, prescription orthotics are custom made for your foot and your specific needs. They are designed to improve how you walk and stand, and can improve your quality of life by reducing pain and keeping you mobile.

How do we prescribe orthotics?

Following a biomechanical assessment with Your Podiatry, we may prescribe orthotics for you as part of your treatment plan.

A biomechanical assessment is where we analyse your body’s movements when standing or walking, and may involve a full gait analysis.

Orthotics can be an essential part of improving biomechanics and resulting lower limb function.

They tend to work best when part of an overall treatment plan, which may also include specific exercises.

How to get started

Please note, you will need to have a biomechanical assessment before ordering any customised orthotics.

The assessment is a 60-minute face-to-face consultation at our clinic in Surbiton.

This is a chance for our podiatrist to listen to what you need, diagnose your foot problem, and create a treatment plan. This may include a prescription for orthotics, if appropriate.

Book your biomechanical assessment

How much does it cost?

Biomechanical assessment (60 minutes) – £110

Prescription orthotics – costs vary depending on the type you require

Your podiatrist will let you know further details following your assessment.

Where will the podiatry treatment take place?

Appointments take place at our comfortable Hollyfield House clinic, in Surbiton, Surrey.

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